Our Capabilities

From crystal clear insights to campaign setup, strategy, and bidding, we’ve got exactly what you need to ride the wave to campaign success.

Our Core Capabilities:

Expert Trading
Ride the wave to campaign success by leveraging our team of experts — performance-focused, insight-driven industry vets with the strategic lens to help you achieve all your cross-channel KPIs.
Demand-Side Platform (DSP) + Channel Access
Cut through the noise and reach your audience across the digital landscape within core DSP seats with the ability to cross pollinate between channels, such as CTV, DOOH, social, audio, and PMP (private marketplace)/display inventory.
Search Optimization
Drive precision to your digital advertising campaigns with keyword insights from Amplifi™. Keyword and phrase research allows us to optimize campaign bidding for keywords that increase clicks and conversions from your target audience.
Real-Time Reporting
Discover customer insights while tracking campaign performance in real-time, maximizing media efficiency and improving reach as you go.
Brand Safety
We follow IAB and DAA protocol and work with site-verification partners to ensure the best and safest ad inventory. Our data and cookie tracking is also CCPA & GDPR-compliant.
Ad Operations
Get your campaigns set up, manage tags and site pixelation, and receive campaign insights, broad media strategy recommendations, media planning, and forecasting.
One-on-One Service
We pride ourselves on custom work and unmatched service. We work with you directly to get to the core of your business needs so you can turn up your message and reach your audience.

Our DSP Channels:

Display & Native
Online Video Advertising (OLV)
Connected TV Advertising (CTV)
Audio Streaming
Digital Out of Home Advertising (DOOH)
Social Media

Be Heard, with Soundwave Digital.

Are you ready to take your programmatic advertising up a notch? Our team of digital marketing experts will build a strategy that is right for your business, helping you cut through the noise and get heard by your target audience.